Sunday, October 17, 2004


My blog eh? What do you do in a blog, do you just type random thoughts, do you tell a story, do you ramble on aimlessly until you completely forget what you were typing about in the first place? I think you tell about your day. So I will tell about my day, well I woke up at around 12, then I watched t.v. for a while. Then I got ready to go to my band concert, which I didnt really wanna go to. I was ten minutes late for that, and got there in time to tune, then Travis gave me a doughnut, then we went out sat down and the choir sang, they sucked. Then we played, and I guess we did okay.Then high school choir sang, they were okay, then high school band played...F-ing kickass. Sam is crazy on the drums, the kid has got some skills. If me and Julie ever really get our band together I want him as drummer. well anyways they played the school song and I was dancing and stuff. Then me and my mommy went to the mall and I got a poster of bob marely and two pairs of jeans, then we went to olive garden, then we went home, and thats where I am now.

I think I did my blog hoes it's supposed to be done, not like anyone will read it...
whatever later skaters!
-Sara jay